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The Diary of The Code Red of Evil

inside Ashley's Head

Ashley Rose
6 October
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Now that I realized eight zillion people might traffick this page, I figured I'd pretty it up, or something. I loves many things, as are listed in my interests, and perpetually drag on about inane stuff, but try to be funny. I live in Wausau, Wi, which is not super tiny, but is also smaller than the bubbly suburbia from hell I grew up in. I currently live with Adam( my boyfriend )(and future fiance, SQUEE!) and our fish, ciclids Francine, Robert, Henrietta, and Todd, angelfish Edelweiss and Karl der Grosse, and guppie Helena. Yes, I named them.

I do that a lot. Here's a drawn self portrait, back when I used to play oboe with the obsessive compulsive nature that only Elektra Nachtios and Monk can appreciate:

I appreciate the written word, fun dialogue, and new ideas and concepts, but hate spamming and poor etiquette, overly bad spelling and close mindedness more.

I have an art page (with a lack of scanner too, which means no art for the time being), and am listed on Wolfsbane & The Petulant Poetess, along with FanFiction.net, because it's one of the only places to host my monster piece of Gundam Wing Fanfiction.

I have aspirations of lots, mostly though, I want to do creative things, and that means working at a fabric/craft store, teaching there, at gradeschools, and 4-H. I also plan on devoting a large portion of my time teaching at the Red Cross.

And I loves Doritos, String Cheese, and Lime Coke.

And Sloganizer, because hell, it's totally fun to be a slogan!

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I also tend to collect random weird shit, that makes my day, like this link to 30 Second Bunny Theatre which while has gone down mildldy in quality, still rocks my world.

And this random hug thing, which may be a modern version of cunnieform. I don't know.

give musicalbeans more *HUGS*

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For ANY musical geeks out there, Carmina Burana is a great and moving piece, you all might know it from Excalibur, but I've played it, and was immeasurably moved, but anyways, this little gem is probably the funniest piece of work based on Carmina Burana I've ever seen, so go have a laugh, and drink a beer.