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Now, I'm not going to clutter up love posts, so everything is under a cutCollapse )
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All right, I know some people on here are betas, and whatnot, so I hope you all tune in. A girl I'be beta-ing literally cannot open her attachments. This is necessary because I've tracked the changes I made on Word. I'm looking for a way around this, and if anyone's got a good idea, I'm open for it.



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So, here's Instructions for How to Dance: Chapter Three and my new fic, We've Met Before. Both are TPP, they haven't gotten to my fic on Wolfsbane.

:) Happy reading!

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So I've been busy, getting into trouble.(Sorry shored!) and finishing Chapter I of my second of three new works in progress, along with a picture (both of them for the fanfic/fanart prompt group 7spells. I ended up doing it in colored pencils. I like it. Once I get it and the chapter of Instructions up, I'll post linkies.

Anyways, Adam and I are having a nice dinner day, which involves us hanging out and cleaning out the fish tanks, then me making a new recipe for dinner. Will put it up on gamer_recipes.

Bought my first boob related shirt ever. It says 'Stop staring, they don't talk!' It's beautiful.

Anyways, I'm going to continue my morning internet romp, ttyl!

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Finished chapter one of my 7spells prompt table. I'll work on the picture for it tonight. It'll be in black and white, 'cause I blow chunks at coloring and my burned copy of Photoshop is being a naughty naughty h0r. I sent the chapter to Sun, so it should be up soon. I likes it. It's over 2,000 words long, because I suck at drabbles, but I like my idea behind it.

Once again, for HP artists, authors, or hybrids, check out 7spells. It's neato like whoa.

Hmm... I should make my prompt table. Oh well. Some other time. :)
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I am really crappy feeling. Dizzy and nauseated, warm and cold, shakey. Oh, and I got sick to my stomach.

I'm almost finished with the hem job of the sheer kimono and the red one needs the front lapels and the trim, but I've got to buy a dark blue ribbon first. I was all worried about the blue trim and realized, retard, you have a pattern piece for it. Dur!

Third chapter of Instructions is in Sun's pretty beta hands, so we'll see where that goes.

First chapter of my next WIP is being written.

Smut!fic I'm writing with Harm is on its way to being written.

And look! a fun LJ community for cool people who believe that women and men have no perfect shape or size --RealWomen.

And look! another one, this time for HP fics! I'm a helpie helper! -- 7spells.

And now I''m tired.

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So, still happy/surprised that somebody nominated me, but now slightly dampened by the worry of an impending interview. I've wanted this interview for a while, it's with JoAnn Fabrics. I like costume making, I like it a lot. It's what I want to do with my life for a general whole thing. Working there would give me countless tips and a 15% discount. I'm well versed in all forms of crafting, be it lanyard or sewing with a machine, knitting to scrapbooking. I've done most if not all. I know how to make wreaths, costumes on a budget, and could decorate the crap out of anyone's ... anything. I'm like the middle Lorelei Gilmore, the one who took a hammer and make it pretty. God I miss cable sometimes.

So why the hell am I nervous?

2:30. *sigh*


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I got a fun email last night. From Multifaceted awards. Soooooooomebody nominated me!

*loves you all*

So I was like, har har, joke. And wrote back and confirmed. And then looked on the site and almost peed myself. I'm there! Under Rapture and Pride!!!! HOLY CRAP.

*sits, stunned*

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Ooooooh, horsies
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So, I watched the trailer for Pirates 2 and X-Men 3. Is it just me, or did Storm inherit Chiana's hair? *raises hand* 'Cause I see it.

P2 looks good, mostly 'cause, yeah, Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow is hot, with about 3 trillion 't's'

Oh, and that community for gaming cooks? Here It's LJ-riffic, so all my nerdy compatriots, you should sign up! I'm adding one of my favorite recipes tonight after work. :)

I dreamt, when I went back to sleep, about set at work. Gah. How about yigh! Oh well, this weekend Adam and I are going to clean the fishtanks, buy WarHammer junk, change our internet to Verizon, because Charter charges you like, 50$ for 325K Cable DSL, which is just shit, when Verizon can give us a faster connection for 15$, and the first month free. Work on costumes (I'm going to finish the red kimono because the sheer one is just giving me grief!), and move around the living room, and clean our storage, maybe. God the storage is a mess. Dave's b-day is this weekend, so we're going to go to that. I think I'll ask him if he wants to hang out some more.

Anywho, catch you all on the flip side!

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